Uilleann Pipers Club Schaffhausen

ToW Übersicht Jahr 2017

2) The Green Gates (Reel)
3) The Green groves of Erin (Reel)
4) Spry Slide (Slide) / The Heir that fell off her coconnut (Slide)
6) Inisheer (Air)
14) The Iron Bridge (Reel)
37) Miss McLoud’s (Reel)
38) The Sally Gardens (Reel)
39) The Ashplant (Reel)
40) All the Way to Galway (Hornpipe/Reel/Highland)
44) Paddy Fahey’s (Slip Jig)
46) Will you come down to Limerick (Jig)
48) The Humours of Glin (Slow Jig)
50) Lady Ellen (Reel)